Welcome to the Team Members Only section of the GymStars Website.

This area is dedicated to the parents and students of a GymStars Gymnastics, Cheer, or Team Gym team member.  As this area is password protected, only those allowed by our system administrator will be able to access this section of the website.  This extra level of protection will allow us to post a greater amount of information related to your child's sport.  Here you will find upcoming competition dates, practice dates/times, communication from your team directors and even general information from your booster clubs!

Also in the works is a message board that will allow athletes, parents, and coaches chat in an open forum format.  Naturally we will have a terms of service and privacy policy in place before we launch that, but be on the lookout for that new feature!

We do ask that you follow our lead in keeping the information on this part of the website only for active team members and their parents.  Do not share the registration password with anyone, do not hand out your username and password, and please do not link to any page in the members section from an external source (like Facebook).

If you have any questions, you may contact me at:

Christopher Curtis
Web Guru et. al.

Member Registration: Step 1

In order to begin your registration process, you must first have the correct password. Please request this password from your website manager.

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