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SuperHero Training Class

What is a Superhero training class?

Superhero Training Class ties fantastical elements of fantasy through superheroes with real world social and personal development blending physical activity and ideals of citizenship to shape children into the real heroes of the future.

The program is rooted in gymnastics skills and social development. The goal of the program is to teach children to behave like superheroes both physically and mentally. While strengthening and training their bodies they will equally learn the ideals of what it means to save the day, come to the rescue, serve as an inspiration to others, etc.

Why offer Superhero training?

Children love superheroes! We find the children enrolling into Superhero Training Classes usually do not thrive in the regular programs. This is mostly attributed to a lack of social development for the children. Things like taking turns, following directions, lining up are covered in the regular programs, but not all children are receptive to the delivery. In the Superhero classes, the structure is both more fast paced and exciting and those same social skills are tied into something the children are interested in which increases their retention and allows them to develop socially. There is a strong focus on self-esteem and positive thinking.

This class is available to both boys and girls ages 3 and up.There are actually two age groups, one for ages 3-5 and a group for 6 and up. We offer 20% Multi-Class and Family Discounts. Click here for member benefits. If you would like a day or time that is full or not listed, please call us at (209) 957-1919.

What To Wear To Class
Girls and Boys should wear a T-Shirt and gym shorts. Warm-up suits or sweats are fine for cooler weather. They should be bare footed. Please Note:

  • No Loose or baggy clothing
  • No food or drinks in the workout area
  • No jewelry (please leave valuables at home)
  • No gum in the facility
  • Hair must be pulled back
  • During class kids will get a chance to fly high in a special superhero cap



SuperHero Training Class:

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