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Soccer Training for Preschoolers

What is a Soccer training class for preschoolers?

Soccer Training Class ties a love for kicking a ball and running with the real soccer skills of keeping hands off the ball, kicking with purposeful direction, defending a goal, and playing well as a team. The program is fun for kids and is taught with age appropriate lessons that keep the class fun while instilling techniques that will prepare them for team sports. This class does require parent/guardian participation.

Why offer Soccer training?

Children love to play and kick and run, and they enjoy when they master new skills. Parents love being a part of their kids development and growth and seeing their child develop natural talent for different varieties of sports. Soccer is a sport we recognize as a well respected and growing sport in our area of service. With most all GymStars classes, are ultimate goal is to teach self confidence, discipline, and tenacity. We believe this can start as early as the preschool age.

This class is available to both boys and girls ages 2.5 to 5 years of age. We offer 20% Multi-Class and Family Discounts. Click here for member benefits. If you would like a day or time that is full or not listed, please call us at (209) 957-1919. Classes available for ages 2.5 to 5 years old. Kids are expected to wear shoes that are for indoor use only, shin guards, and athletic t-shirt and shorts. The class varies in length depending on age starting at 2.5 year olds with 30 minutes of instruction; 3 year olds receive 45 minutes of instruction; 4-5 year olds receive 1 hour of instruction. This class is a parent involvement course.

What To Wear To Class
Girls and Boys should wear a T-Shirt and gym shorts, shin guards, and indoor shoes that they wear on our mat (not cleats).  Warm-up suits or sweats are fine for cooler weather. Please Note:

  • No Loose or baggy clothing
  • No food or drinks in the workout area
  • No jewelry except for small stud earrings (please leave valuables at home)
  • No gum in the facility
  • Hair must be pulled back

Soccer Training for Preschoolers:




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